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Show your leadership awareness through your voice

Your voice is unique and makes you distinctive. Ideally, it matches your personality and accentuates the effect you have on others. If you are asked as a person, as a human being, or as an expert, your opinion counts. Your voice is worth it.

The way you address your fellow human beings is how you will be perceived. You need to show yourself: your attitude, interest, and presence. People around you sense the way you approach them and how you address them. The more coherently you speak, the more you can increase your influence and reinforce your impact.

If you hold an important position and want to increase your influence on others, I will help you to get more out of your voice. Because your voice is your trademark.

Surely you know a prominent personality who you follow, who is a guiding principle and a role model to you. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this person ...? What they look like, how they appear to others, and - exactly: how they speak!

People are seen as significant figures when they draw attention to something bigger. They become known because they have something to say, because they set standards. Statements by famous people are often remembered for a long time. They can serve as an orientation for others and perhaps become a guiding principle later. The appearance and way of talking of such people are memorable.

In the earlier generations these were people like Konrad Adenauer, John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King, today it is the Dalai Lama, Barack Obama or Apple founder Steve Jobs, who died a few years ago. Among women Michelle Obama or Angela Merkel have great influence and are trend-setters for some. What distinguishes them is passion for the cause, persuasiveness, a certain lightness of manner as well as an emotional ease.

Anyone who talks about something that affects them, works creatively and conveys this through their voice and appearance. This creates dialogue and genuine contact with the other person.

“We have more confidence in people with a sonorous voice,” says political scientist Casey Klofstad from the University of Miami. Together with his team, he examines the influencing factors that people use to make decisions, including how the voice of politicians influences elections. The team found that both men and women put more responsibility in those people who have resonant, sonorous voices.

Develop the leadership signals of your voice with my assistance

If you want to manage your tasks in the best possible way, to lead responsibly, and if personal growth is important to you, I will help you to show character with your voice.

I will help you create the impact that is appropriate to your position, and I will show you how you can influence others through your appearance and through the right use of your voice.

The voice reveals a lot of our personality. So we can distort the voice and the way of speaking less than what we say, in other words, we are less able to hide a strong emotional mood.
Prof. Hartwig Eckert, linguist

Nevertheless, the use of the voice can be controlled. The anatomical conditions such as the length of the vocal cords and the size of the larynx are predetermined, but the factors that ultimately shape the sound of the voice can be trained: the pitch of the voice, breathing, sentence melody, intonation and rhythm, pronunciation and, last but not least, it is the posture with the gestures and facial expressions that make up our charisma and the effect we have when we speak.

When voice and personality are in harmony, it is reflected in the overall appearance, demeanor and speech, and will have a positive effect on those around you.