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2020, May 06.: With a mask: protect, breathe, speak

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Powerful presentations. The basic principles for better rhetoric.

Author and speaker:
Dr. Lioba Faust.
Abod-Verlag, München 2013.
ISBN 978-3-95471-111-6.
ab 14,99 Euro
Link to Order


Journal Personalführung Issue 8/2008
The sound makes the music
Text as PDF file

Verwaltungs- und Wirtschafts-Akademie in Bayern Issue 1/2008
Successful without communication? - How words increase motivation and promote cooperation
Text as PDF file

TravelTalk, Issue 19/2008
Interview "Practicing positive phrasing“

Niederbayerische Wirtschaft, Issue 12/07, p.10
Voice and language as leadership tools
Text as PDF file

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Great charisma!

Things are promising. You are curious, full of expectation, perhaps find the person standing or sitting in front of you attractive, but as soon as they open their mouth, it's over. In the same way, you may meet someone and simply be captivated. By the way they speak. The voice has enormous power. Ideally, it should match your appearance and underline your charisma.


Do you speak in dialect?

The language that surrounds us from an early age shapes us enormously. It isn`t without a reason that we call it our mother tongue. It accompanies us all our lives. Speaking a foreign language without an accent is often difficult. This can also be the case with High German. But it doesn`t have to be perfect High German. It is much more important to speak a language with which we can adapt to the situation and to our counterpart, and which we can still identify ourselves with.