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If you want to speak to other people and present yourself in the best possible way, I can offer you a helping hand!

As a child at school, I didn't like to recite poems by heart. We were supposed to speak lively, and if we actually did, our classmates started giggling!
I have often experienced monotonous rather than lively presentations at school as well as at university, and when I gave presentations, I didn't know where the right balance was between modulated and lively speaking and a calm and reasonable presentation. I had to work it out for myself. There were not many good role models.

I grew up speaking dialect and had to deal with my role and the expectations again and again – whether as a woman in a circle of competent men or as a young female entrepreneur.

Through my coachees and many participants in my seminars I have learned to always take their perspective: Language and expressiveness can be experienced as a hurdle, which is why even the best professional competence is not always adequately rewarded. The key to effective communication, recognition and success lies in language and expressiveness.

Very few people have really learned how to adjust to their counterpart, to articulate clearly and to modulate their voice.

We all grow up with certain speech patterns and prefer a certain way of speaking, and often don't adjust well enough to our counterpart and the given framework.

This is the side of the speaker. Using your voice consciously, therefore, always means taking on the role of the listener in advance and hearing yourself with your own ears. I always notice this most clearly when my counterpart does not speak my mother tongue. I then try to focus even more precisely on what is important in order to be understood and to be perceived more coherently.

The ability of how versatile our voice can sound remains with us throughout our lives.

The experiences with the voice, its ability to function, its susceptibility to emotions, its versatility in expression as well as its capacity for development (also in singing), made me so curious that I have been researching, teaching and learning about it to the present day. I, therefore, accompany the processes, into which my clients take me, with excitement, interest and enthusiasm.

For more than two decades now I have been accompanying people in seminars and trainings in the development of their voice and that of its impact. I have the following experience in this field:

  • I help entrepreneurs to optimise their impact in front of clients and in public appearances

  • I show scientists how to draw attention to themselves and their cause while presenting the results of research projects orally and often in English

  • I help people at the political level to advocate their cause in a credible and binding manner

  • For training courses in sacred spaces I develop methods of large room speaking and a special spatial presence

  • I assist employees from ministries and federal authorities in emphasising their responsible position while speaking

  • I provide teachers with support for a gentle and varied use of their voices

I am a speaker as well as a listener.
I listen carefully, observe and distinguish. Sound and effect.


Ministries and federal authorities at the Federal Academy of Public Administration

German Liturgical Institute

Grammar schools in the area of Regensburg, Vocational School Straubing

Dioceses of Regensburg, Cologne, Freiburg, Speyer, Innsbruck

University Hospital Bonn - Internal Training

Multi-Service-Monitoring Regensburg

University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden

Technical and management staff from the following sectors: Architecture, Audiology/Hearing Aid Acoustics, Automotive Engineering, Banking, Design, Trade Unions, Medicine, Education, Politics, Law, Telecommunications


Studied phonetics, Romance languages and computer linguistics at the University of Trier

Church musician with `C` exam and activity as choir director

Scientific research at the universities of Bonn and Saarbrücken

Doctorate in 1997 on "Variations of Speech" (articulation and manner of speaking in various conversational situations)

Further training in breathing and voice therapy according to Prof. Ilse Middendorf and Schlaffhorst-Andersen

Founder of the Studio for Voice and Rhetoric in Bonn in 1998

Since 2004 based in Regensburg

Further training as rhythm coach Oct. 2014 - Jan. 2016 at Rhythmodrom Regensburg, Helmut Kaiser and Reinhold Bauer

Training in the field of Integrative Systemic Coaching, INTAKA Regensburg 2019

Training as supervisor, INTAKA Regensburg 2019-2021

Certified wingwave® Coach


"If you have to speak in a lecture hall and want to do well, I recommend the preparatory help of Dr. Faust. A little theory for better understanding, but then mainly practical exercises with direct corrections and repetitions. A noticeable improvement in rhetorical skills soon sets in, very sensitively done in an adult pedagogical way, but result-oriented..."

Michael Kroop, Nexans autoelectric, 2017/18.


"It was the first time for me to speak freely. I would never have believed that I could do that. Before, I only read off. I thank you for that."

Mrs. E., local politician, 2019.

"The precise work on language and formulations has picked me up exactly where I am and shown me that there are other perspectives than the one I had before. So not only has my nervousness been reduced, but I also react much more confidently and no longer from a defensive position."

Mrs. W., Head of Department, 2018.


"I have already learned so much away such a short time, even online, and I am very satisfied. There are always subtle nuances in how to express something that are very helpful."

Mr. B., entrepreneur in sustainable construction works, 2021.

"Dr. Faust showed me how I can signal much more presence and thus more interest to my staff through my posture and the way I address them, hence motivating them much more."

Mr. Z., Federal authority, 2018.


"Your hints and support have brought the desired success, for which I am very grateful. I am now on the same level in professional talks."

Mr. K. MD, specialised physician.